Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Tests in the Workplace

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Every year drug addiction is becoming a more widespread problem. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the number of drug addicts increases every year. A drug test is done in specialized laboratories. The doctor determines the level of drugs or alcohol in the blood of the patient. There is an opinion that the lab test is more accurate than the rapid test because the examination is carried out on high-precision equipment. However, modern pharmacy tests are also highly accurate and are a convenient method of diagnosis, even at home or in the workplace.

Advantages of taking a rapid drug test

You can buy a rapid drug test at any pharmacy and use it anywhere, such as at home, without going to a clinic and maintaining anonymity. You can also buy drug test kits in the UK by going to a website that provides high-quality tests. Advantages of using express tests for drugs: high convenience – you can pass such a test anywhere, which makes it convenient when the study is required by services that need emergency diagnostics; speed – the testing procedure does not require preparation and takes no more than 2 minutes in time; testing is done on saliva. In addition, express drug tests are used by police officers for the examination of drivers or detained citizens in case of suspicion of drug intoxication.

Preparation for the test

Before taking a drug test, there are a few rules to remember. Taking powerful drugs leaves a mark on a person’s body for a long time. Most drugs are eliminated from the body with the urine in 3-4 days (the exception is marijuana, traces of use can be found in the body for a month), and no drug test will give a positive answer to the question of the presence of drugs in the blood, urine, or saliva.

The speed at which the substance is eliminated from the body depends on the individual characteristics of the organism: body build – the greater the weight, the longer the drug stays in the body; the number of intakes – each next dose of the drug is eliminated from the body slower; activity – high activity leads to increased sweating and more rapid elimination of substances from the body. Not all drugs can be detected immediately after use; the content of some drugs in the patient’s blood or urine is determined 6-8 hours after use.

Why it’s necessary to do a test

Testing for drug or alcohol use has become a principle of workplace safety. According to data, about 500 of the world’s largest companies conduct such tests when hiring. The purpose of the tests is to reduce drug and alcohol consumption among employees because among drug- and alcohol-dependent employees, there are cases of absenteeism, tardiness, staff turnover, theft, low labor productivity, aggressive behavior, and delinquency. Employee drug use costs companies billions of dollars each year. Losses are made up of absenteeism, accidents, and health benefits. Almost 65% of all workplace accidents are related to alcohol or drug abuse. In addition, people who abuse these substances are 16 times more likely to apply for health benefits and compensation than other workers.