Should I contact an attorney for a car accident?

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Accidents are something that occurs all the time. Whether it be serious or non-serious, accidents happen and they can be in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Whilst some accidents are avoidable, there are some that cannot be avoided in any way possible. Car accidents usually cause injuries or in some cases, can prove to be fatal for the victim. When an accident occurs, all parties involved get in trouble especially if the injury is serious and the victim decides to file a complaint or a case against the one who was responsible for the accident, that is why it is a good idea to have contacts of a Bergen County car accident lawyer at one’s fingertips.

The most common form of accident is the one that usually occurs on the roads in the form of car accidents. These accidents usually result in injuries and damages, and in some cases may even cause the death of the driver or the passengers in the car. However, once the accident has occurred, and the time comes to talk about the damages, people often settle the dispute among themselves and do not prefer to make their way to the courts. In such a scenario, it is always wise to contact a personal injury attorney, especially for the one who has been on the receiving end of the accident since he or she can get more from the incident. Settlements usually result in a less bargain for the victim, which is not usually the case when it comes to a legal battle because, in such instances, the compensation whether monetary or non-monetary is more.

Which attorney should be contacted?

In case of a normal car accident, it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney because the car accidents fall in the domain of personal injury law. In such a scenario, the lawyer is also known specifically as a car accident lawyer. The personal injury lawyers are concerned with everything that may result in personal injury in the form of health or, even in some cases, property. A personal injury lawyer is responsible for dealing with the case and getting the most out of the situation for his or her client. The attorney usually looks to get a settlement that gives greater monetary benefits to the client. In such cases, the minimum settlement that the attorney looks to get in his or her favor from the court is enough to cover the damages of the car, the hospital bills as well as his or her own fee so that the client is under little to no burden after the case is over.

How much does a personal injury attorney make?

The personal injury lawyer usually does not ask for a fee straight up, rather he or she looks to get their cut from the settlement because that is more beneficial to them and to the client as well. When the settlement cut agreement is made, this means that the personal injury lawyer is handed with an additional incentive to win the case and get the maximum settlement. Usually, the percentage that is taken by the attorney depends upon the status of the case. Having said that, the usual amount revolves around the bracket of 20% – 30% of the total settlement.