How to Download Binomo App

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One of the best tools available to the users by Binomo is access to an excellent smartphone app. The app is capable of handling all the complex and detailed features that a user will be expected to use, from inspecting charts, looking at their investments, and making timely decisions based on changes in options.

To download binomo trading application on your phone, you will have to visit the company’s website to find the links to the official apps on Android and iOS. Alternatively, you can search the app on the online app stores. This article will explain the ways the app can be downloaded.

App on computer or Mac




Although there is no app to cater for the people who do online trading on the computer, this is not a problem, as the website has everything you need and is just as responsive and easy to use as an app should be. The best thing to do is to save the website as a bookmark to reduce the number of clicks required to access the platform and make it more prominent on the browser.


There are a lot of fake and different online trading companies that have made apps that look similar to Binomo and also have a very similar name. They are mostly made to trick the users into downloading them, thinking they are downloading Binomo. Search “Binomo” on the play store and make sure you are installing the app bearing the prominent yellow and black logo of the company. After installing, you can log in and access your account as required. All your data, deposits, and trades will be accessed and altered on the app.

Apple iOS devices

The app designed for Apple devices has a very high rating and is considered one of the best options available for online traders. The procedure to download the app is similar to the Android version, but this time you will have to go to the app store and search for a different name, as the name is more detailed on the Apple app store to ensure the users are downloading the correct app. Search for the “Binomo: Smart investments” app on the app store to ensure you get the right app. After authenticating and downloading the app, you can log in or create your binomo account to start or continue trading, using your iPhone or iPad.

One thing to note is that there are a lot of websites recommended on Google that will offer you to download the free app on your phone using their link, especially for the Android version. However, there is no need since the app is completely free to download anyway and the websites may be trying to access your information or hack your account as well as filling your phone with potentially dangerous malware. Avoid using such links at all costs and always download the binomo app on the official Android play store or Apple app store.