How to Increase Customer Loyalty

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Do you have a favorite company, store, or private handyman that you won’t replace under any circumstances? Someone you will be 100% loyal to, even if the price goes up or the office address changes? If yes, then you are the loyal customer whose trust some company has managed to win. Loyalty is a customer’s (consumer’s) positive attitude toward a store/brand/performer. Loyal customers are a great value for the business. It is not for nothing that one of the main tasks of marketers is to develop a customer retention program.

Benefits from loyal customers

The primary goal of any customer is to bring in revenue, and loyal customers are more likely to make repeat purchases. Interacting with loyal customers will cost lesser than finding and attracting new customers. Customers who love your company will recommend it to their friends and acquaintances for free. For example, UpReview will help collect real reviews of your product or service.

Regular customers help build a great reputation. They are also patient with change. Let’s take, for example, a master manicurist who raises his prices due to an increase in the cost of materials. A client who was with him 1-2 times will most likely be dissatisfied and look for another master, and a loyal client will be sympathetic to the situation and faithful to his favorite specialist. One-time buyers will immediately switch to your competitor, but the loyal clients will be on your side till the last moment, despite all the tricks of your competitors.

Quality and price

Thinking about any discounts, gifts, or club cards, if the quality of the goods or services suffers, it makes no sense because all these manipulations will only have a temporary effect, and the loyal buyer is a regular customer, and the quality of the product plays a huge role for him, but not the “nice things” that you give. Price is another trivial but very important point, on which 90% of the decision to choose the company depends. Of course, your offer should not be the cheapest in the market, but try to always justify your rates if they differ significantly from your competitors.

Discounts, bonuses, and promotions

Run regular promotions, make small discounts, but even they will be pleasant. For example, promotions in cosmetics stores are very relevant; many customers do not miss a single mailing from them. Introduce a system of cumulative bonuses or discounts, you definitely will not go into deficit, and the client will be pleased. Such a system will suit many companies: cabs, car washes, service stations, stores, and more. Agree, it’s nice when you come to wash your car, and the bonuses are enough to use the service for free.

Guarantees and integrity

Almost every product or service should have a warranty. This point is one of the most important for consumers because by giving a warranty, you reassure the customer of your reliability. At the same time, honesty in the transaction, no hidden fees, and discreet promises are very important to any customer. You should not hope for customer loyalty to your firm if you deceived him, demanded additional funds for expenses, or concealed any conditions.