Practical Guide: Ultrasound In Physical Therapy

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Ultrasound was used as a treatment modality for sport injuries by therapists for the last 50 decades. Ultrasonic waves or sound waves of a top frequency that’s not audible to a human ear are created by way of mechanical vibration from a metal treatment mind of an ultrasound machine. A treatment head is then moved across a top layer of skin in the field of harm transmitting energy to tissues. When sound waves come in contact with air it induces a dissipation of waves, and thus a particular ultrasound gel is put on skin to guarantee maximal contact between a therapy head and a top layer of skin.

Ultrasound therapy tool

Ultrasound therapeutic effects

Ultrasound can also be implemented under water that’s also a medium for ultrasound waves into undergo. The effects of therapeutic ultrasound continue to be contested. Up to now, there is still hardly any evidence to explain the way ultrasound causes a curative effect in injured tissue. Nonetheless, practitioners net continue to use this treatment method relying upon personal experience.

Here are a few of the theories where ultrasound is suggested to cause a curative impact. Since ultrasound waves pass from a therapy head to skin they induce vibration of surrounding cells, specifically those which contain hydration. This greater vibration leads to the creation of heat inside a tissue. In many cases this can’t be felt by a patient. This increase in temperature can cause a rise in extensibility of constructions like ligaments, tendons, scar tissues and fibrous joint capsules.

Advantages of ultrasound physical therapy

Heating can also help reduce pain and muscle spasm and encourage the process of healing. Among the greatest proven advantages of ultrasound treatment is that it’s thought to reduce healing time of some soft tissue injuries. Ultrasound is thought to accelerate normal settlement period of an inflammatory process by bring more mast cells into a site of injury. PT company with office in New Jersey

Using ultrasound physical therapy

It can cause a rise in flow of blood which can be beneficial in an acute phase of a tissue injury. As flow of blood can be increased, it isn’t advised to use ultrasound instantly after injury. Ultrasound can also stimulate the creation of more hydration which is the main protein component in soft tissues like tendons and ligaments. Therefore ultrasound can accelerate a proliferative phase of tissue healing.