Reasons Why Instagram Stories Are So Powerful for Business

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It seems that time hasn’t changed us at all. When we were kids, we had our parents read stories to us. We went to church and were devoured with Biblical stories. And almost every time, we were pulled to predict what will happen and what is happening. We were curious about the twists and turns of the story. The uncertainty kept us coming for more. All this time, we didn’t know that the technique had been born from a long time ago. Here are the reasons why stories lead the show on Instagram:

Creation of tribe

For starters, it might help to know how to change the background color on an Instagram story but that’s not enough to keep people excited and hooked on your account. It’s all about creating something that is rare and valuable. Everyone has a story to tell. But what makes something different and inspiring is the way it has been delivered to us. Stories that are different and inspiring create communities faster since people can resonate with what you are saying. This means that you are trying to connect your ideas to what people need or use on a daily basis. Or on what they have experienced before.

Once people form this connection with you, you don’t need a manual on ‘how to create a huge Instagram fan base’. Just continue with what you have been doing.

Act as a system

A system is something that solves business problems. And Instagram stories are one of the tools that you can measure what your audience likes and what they don’t like. One of the ways you can access your analytics like a pro is by swiping up your stories before they vanish. Before this happens, you will be able to see how many people saw what you posted.

From there, you are free to ask why one post worked and another happened to be useless. After generating reasons, you can try again until you find the mix that works.

Supports real-time marketing

Doing things online means that you have to do things at the right time. This includes when you decide to put your stories out there. An optimum time would be during commuting times or when you usually have the most views for your account.  Such real-time marketing keeps your business on top of the minds of your audience and keeps things at bay with your competition. It will also encourage other people to join and be aware of your business.

Helps you diversify

This means that you are able to post a couple of photos and videos without having to clutter your profile. Rather, you offer something that can be contextualized and immediately used by your audience. This helps you stay on top while not sacrificing the quality of your brand by quantity. Instagram stories help you humanize your brand and create a better experience for your target audience at a deeper level.

Enhance content

Instagram stories are a sort of canvas. You can paint your original content with emojis, text, and decorated drawings. These markup capabilities allow you to make more information-packed content. You can even tag people by putting an @ symbol in front of users’ names in the post description.