What are Fitted Hats?

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Hats are coverings of the head that we wear for various reasons. We wear hats for protection against harsh weather conditions, for ceremonial purposes, and fashion reasons. Fitted Hats are mainly worn for fashion reasons. On the other hand, adjustable hats have a mechanism at their backs for adjusting their sizes while fitted hats are available in fixed proportions and do not have mechanisms for altering their sizes.

In this article, I will address the categories of people who wear the Fitted Hats and some of the tips that can be implemented to make small Fitted Hats fit properly in case one accidentally buys a small-sized hat.

People who Wear Fitted Hats

Fitted Hats are made of elastic materials that enable them to wrap around heads perfectly. Leagues and teams prefer Fitted Hats because they have clean looks, they have quality appearances, and they have urban looks that make them look classy and elegant.

How to Stretch Fitted Hats

1. Using a Blow Dryer and Water
Warm water in a sprayer can be used to stretch the hats. In this method, spray the hat with lukewarm water both on the inner and outer surfaces. After that, tun the blow dryer on and set it to maximum heat. Blow dry the inner and outer surfaces of the hat until it is almost dry. At this point, put on the cap and allow it to dry on your head so that it stretches and conforms to the shape of your head.

2. Stretching Using a Football
The ordinary football can be used to extend the hat. In this method, wrap the small hat around the ball and leave it to stretch overnight. In the morning, try to put the hat on to see if it fits properly. If the hat has not stretched enough, repeat the process several more times until you achieve the size that you want. The problem with this method is that it is difficult to predict the right amount of stretching.

3. Using Hat Stretchers
A more accurate method of stretching the hat is by using a hat stretcher. The stretcher is usually used to maintain the size and shape of the hat when not in use. Most hat stretchers are adjustable and can be used to expand and extend the size of the hat to the required dimensions. In this method, wrap the cap around the stretcher and crank it. Leave it in this condition overnight. If the cap does not fit well in the morning, repeat the process until you achieve the desired size.

4. Stretching Using Steam
Steam can also be used to stretch hats to the desired shapes and sizes. The technique is more effective with different hats that are made of wool, cotton or straw. In this method, put water in a pot and heat it until it boils. Hold the cap some few inches from the pot in a manner that will allow steam to accumulate in the interior of the hat. Maintain the hat in this position and remove it from the steam after every minute. Repeat this until the cap becomes wet. Wear the hat and allow it to dry on your head.

In conclusion, understanding how to stretch small fitted hats is very critical because it can save someone the hustle of going back to the stores to purchase a new hat.