How to write the perfect essay

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One of the things we have been familiar with from our early school days is essays. Yet when we get to colleges and universities we get all this fuss on writing a perfect essay. There are so many online platforms like fiver and essay shark, guides and also tutorials that help individuals to learn how they will write perfect essays. Just type in something like “write my dissertation for me” or “essay writing service” in Google and you will easily find the service or help you need. This is mainly because the integral life of academics mostly is about essays. Essays are a perfect way to help one in their studies by helping one to remember and compile all that they have learned. It helps on to memorize the topics and lessons they learned in the short period of time they had.

We cannot take essay just for granted because they are the epicenter of every learning. The essays you will do will only be of great importance if they are done in the right way and properly. This will require that one to have done a thorough and perfect study of the topic which they want to write about.

Essays require to have the right format and the essential elements must be reflected in the paper otherwise it will have no meaning.

Steps to follow

Follow the format of writing

Essays may not have the rules in how they should be written, but there are a few rules that one should follow when writing. These will help their essay to be outstanding. There are three main parts that one should be careful to follow. The introduction part, the body and the conclusion. For your essay to best serve the purpose which it was created for, it must follow these guidelines and be written well.


In this part of the essay, the writer talks to the readers and introduces them to the topic that is going to be discussed.

The first sentence of the introduction should have a hook that best introduces the topic that is being discussed.

There should be a perfect transition from the hook to the part where the topic is being introduced.

There should also be a sentence at the end of the introduction that will stir up curiosity in the minds of the readers.

The writer should also use tough words in the introduction and use words that are simple for the readers to easily understand.

The body

This is the part where the major content of your essay will go.

This part of your essay should focus mainly on justifying the main point of the essay.

The facts being discussed by the writer should be put in a perfect arrangement.

There should be connecting words that start paragraphs.

The conclusion

This is where the essay comes to an end with a summary and food for thought.

The writer must have a final verdict on what they have discussed in the body.

The writer should use should be on a light note but firm.

Active voice

The writer should ensure they use active voice while writing their essays for them to be interesting and engaging.

Short sentences

The writer should lay down their ideas in short and easy sentences that the reader will be able to understand more easily.


The writer should go through what they have written to ensure that there are no mistakes of grammar, spelling, sentence structures and punctuation.

If you follow the above points, you will be good to write your perfect essay. Do not hesitate in your writing and write something that will not convey what you don’t intent.