YouTube Analytics: Key Metrics to Track for Improved Video Performance

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As a content creator on YouTube, you need to keep up with a lot of numbers to track your progress. When you want to do business partnerships, most people will ask you about the analytics of your channel. Did you know you can grow your YouTube audience through assistance from various tools or through turning to specialists by checking the link

However, YouTube analytics goes beyond the number of subscribers and the total views you get at the end of the day. Before you start getting paid by YouTube, you will have to attain a certain number of subscribers and attain a proper number of watch time.

So, what are some analytics you need to track for your video performance?

Watch time

Most upcoming YouTube content creators think watch time is the total number of views per video. Instead, this is the total amount of time viewers spend watching your videos. The more watch time you have, the more likely YouTube is to recommend your content to other viewers.

You can achieve this within a shorter time by uploading longer content or uploading shorter time content but frequently. Before you start getting paid on YouTube, you need to achieve at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months.

Understand where your viewers are coming from

Under the YouTube analytics on the traffic sources, you can see where your viewers are finding you. They could be redirected from links you have shared on other social media apps such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

This will help you know where you can get the attention of most of them. If it is Instagram, for example, ensure you increase the number of people who interact with your content on the app.

Demographic information

Know the location, age, gender, and devices used to view your content under Google analytics. If your content is mainly watched by females, you can either choose to create more engaging content to cater for the male gender. Alternatively, you can also choose to create more content based on females preferences.

In terms of location, this allows you to know the language you should use in your videos. If a large part of them speak English, use English and where you say words, not in English, include video captions.

Age allows you to be sensitive to your viewers. You would not go creating kids’ content all the time when you mainly have teenagers and adults watching your content.


Keep track of the number of subscribers. Growth is essential when it comes to promoting your content. Note that there are active and inactive subscribers. Active subscribers will often watch and interact with your videos via sharing, commenting, and liking. Inactive subscribers will remain as subscribers and rarely watch your content.

There is nothing much you can do about this but keeping up with the numbers is a good thing.

Keep an eye on the comments

The only way you can directly interact with a lot of your viewers is through reading and reacting to their comments. This could be liking the comments or replying.

From the comments section, you could learn how to improve your content or even know if the content you created was amazing

In conclusion, you can boost the performance of your YouTube videos by being keen on analytics.